Through our own experiences we understand the recruitment challenges faced by amateur sports clubs. We also empathise with the desire of athletes who want to use their sporting skills as a platform to chase new experiences and adventures. 

This platform is for you. Those looking for their next playing or sporting career challenge. Simplifying sports recruitment for amateur sports teams. Connecting sports people and sports clubs. 

We also appreciate the challenge of finding suitable employment especially when you have relocated. To address this, you can now access job vacancies on the one platform.

Competitive sports clubs and athletes face slightly different recruitment challenges. Sports clubs expect a high a skill set from athletes as possible within limited financial constraints. Athletes are often looking to capitalise on their skills driven by needs, of which continuous development and growth is high on the list.

Sports recruitment is not limited to athletes with successful clubs having a strong staffing backbone, from managers, coaches, physios, trainers and administrative staff, all contributing to success.

Let's not forget the athletes who are looking to transition into sports related roles as they come to the end of their playing careers. We aim to simplify the sports recruitment process for both competitive clubs and quality athletes.




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